Photo Realistic VR HOME

ContributionWe had an opportunity to contribute ourselves to a Swedish project. Our collaborator needed a photo realistic VR application that showcases photo realistic interior. This enables their property buyers to see and feel their future home within a Virtual World.Technology AdvancementIn this project, VR real-time realistic rendering is required. As such, it is costly in…


OverviewVR war game featuring the story of Three Kingdoms of ancient China. We are responsible on full game development from concept design, game art asset creation to game coding.DevelopmentThis interesting project was cancelled due to the closing down of the client’s company.

3D Animation & Film KPF Dental Care

ClientKlinik Pergigian Fauziah Fun Part To make a great TVC, we casted 30 actors, recce 15 locations. We even requested Doctor Fauziah to make a fake decayed teeth for shooting!ContributionAnimated Service Video 3D Modelling, 3D Animatic, 3D Animation, Lighting & Rendering, Final Composition, Sound Editing TV Commercial Story Idea, Storyboard, Filming, Final Composition, Sound Editing